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Re: gEDA-user: Symbol question - suggestions?

Den 2011-01-07 01:31:28 skrev Kai-Martin Knaak <kmk@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Johnny Rosenberg wrote:

First I manually set the âdevice=â to match existing components,

No need. The device attribute is not used by anything in the gschem
to pcb work flow.

then I added ânumslots=â to match.

This is not useful. The slotting mechanism is only for copies of
the same symbol in a physical component. But the pwr symbol is a
_different_ symbol. Don't use slotting inside the pwr symbol.
You can set numslots=0 if you like. But this is not required.

There's no need to add any attributes to (my) 74_pwr.sym. Just put
it on the schematic like it is.

What am I missing? Should I edit the symbol itself or should I set
something in the schema or what?

Just make sure, that all the symbols that belong to a component all
get the same refdes. You have to do this manually. The autonumber
script has no idea which symbols belong to a group.
Also make sure to not add the pwr symbol first. The reason is that
this symbol does not include a footprint attribute. gsch2pcb only
accepts footprint attributes from the first symbol in a set. If this
symbol fails to provide a footprint, gsch2pcb gives up and issues an
error. This is a long standing bug that was fixed just a few days ago.

It was all so easy before, when I had the ânet=â thing in the component
symbols, but someone said that that's not the way to go, for some reason.

"Some reason" is schematic style seen from an advanced level of
experience. Take it as good advice from the old boys. You may ignore
it but don't complain if it this bites you later.


So, if I decide to use a 74-power symbol after all, is there any way I can design it making it automatically understand where it belongs, so I don't need to manually enter all those âU1, U2, U3â und so weiter?

If I wanted a lot of work, I could draw my components with a pen on a piece of paper and then scan the whole thingâ

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

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