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Re: Confirm new Tor server working? [SOLVED]

On Mon, Jul 25, 2005 at 06:47:10AM -0700, Brian C wrote:
> > Looks like it's still refusing connections?
> Hmmm. Could it be that you tried to access it after that day's 1GB of
> bandwidth was used up? I still see lots of "ESTABLISHED" connections
> with netstat (many to port 9001) and I'm now listed in the directory.
> What else could cause everything to appear to be working but cause your
> connection to be refused?

Yes, good point, you're right.

> > No, you can't move that down. 200 is a small number really; many servers
> > use 1024 or more. Are connections a limited resource for you somehow?
> > 
> No, I just thought it would help with the responsiveness of the server
> generally. However, I discovered that the reason things seemed slow was
> that I had a runaway nagios process chewing up over 90% of CPU/memory
> and once that was corrected I just barely notice the load from tor usage
> on the server. (If I'm right that it is working!)

Great to hear.