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Re: [f-cpu] F-CPU architecture...


Michael Riepe wrote:

Hi F-gang,

Yann Guidon wrote:

There are countless people with revolutionary ideas and unbeatable arguments
about why everybody should follow. I am among those wide open mouths
and this behaviour has taken me to my current, difficult position as one of the project's critical men.

Well, you have my full support wrt that.

*pat in the back* thank you ;-)


And most people miss the real point : FC0 is not groundbreaking because
it is "new", "better than others", "faster" or "sexier". It is because IT IS FREE.


And now, let's all praise the divine golden cow^Wgnu ! /o\


Another point is that there is already a lot of work done.
F-CPU has spent a lot of time in the middle of nowhere
because each "new great idea" required everything to be
rebuilt from zero, which is definitely stupid and a loss of work
and waste of time.

Depends on the idea. But most people don't seem to understand the implications of their ideas.

until they try to implement them.

At least they should realize that an idea needs to be *implementable* within the current framework - that is, FC0.

At least they should be better informed about FC0, and that it is now less "flexible"
(or permeable to new ideas) than in 2000.

If not, fine - put it on the wish list for FC<n+1> and then return to F-CPU reality.

but i fear that if we open a wishlist for FC<n+1>, more time will be spent on it than FC0 ;-)


I don't want to sound harsh or impolite, i just want to reinject some
sense of reality in the *whole* mailing list.

Hasn't that been lost long ago?

well, there was a time when we were much more productive. As a byproduct, all those people interested in funky features were lost in countless details, thus increasing the SNR of the list.

For me, F-CPU is not dead, it is just asleep, waiting for better times
to resume where we left it. In the meantime, we have both worked
separately to solve much more "down to Earth" problems, particularly :
how to make a living with Free Software and how to make the F-CPU
project more realistic.

I wish that new people become "definitely hooked" (not just a few months
of contribution, but real and responsible involvement) so as to spread the
burden that only few people bear. For example, a good webmaster and
site developper would help us a lot. looking at http://f-cpu.seul.org shows
why this is more than an emergency.

Then we can go on : first, dust off the vital files (VHDL and other source code)
and then update the manual.

I'm fed up of being the brake of this whole mess :-)

Michael Riepe wrote: Hi F-gang,

Tobias Bergmann wrote:

What about a quota system?
People are allowed to utter one new fresh idea for each module they implement or synthesize or improve.

Okay... I've got half a dozen of new ideas ;-)

Not very practical I know... For this idea I have to implement sth... d4mn :>

At least you realize it.

As we know, freedom has a high cost.
Here, the price is in the form of work.
The problem is to educate others, not only Tobias, about it.
Most people i meet about F-CPU are only interested by trolls.

F-CPU is really a huge, huge project.
much larger than what a small company can cope with.
But there a little bricks that can be easily contributed by
people. Now we have to solve the never-ending
file management problem.

Finishing FC0 is the first and most important task. AFTER this we can all discuss what FC1 should look like.

With "we", you probably refer to the members of this list?

sounds so :-)

and now, i'm back to my CRC algos :-)

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