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Re: gEDA-user: one fix for building under Solaris

Hi --

>   Now, I'd have thought that glib-config might actually come with
> glib, but a little googling suggests that glib-config (and gnome-
> config) were made obsolete and removed upwards of four years ago.

I'll take a flyer on this.

glib-config, gnome-config, and *-config were all replaced by
pkg-config some time ago, as you say.  If your machine is looking for
those utilities, I'll bet that you have stuff in your PKG_CONFIG_PATH
which is really, really old & is confusing the new pkg-config.

One suggestion:  Look into your /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig and
/usr/lib/pkgconfig directories (and any other */pkgconfig
directories), and if you see duplicated .pkg files, delete the old
ones.  Or, better and safer, rename them something like foo.pkg ->
foo.pkg.old.  Then do make distclean (or the equivalent) and try
building again.



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