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Re: gEDA-user: Fluky Fluky layout printing problem!

   I figured out the fluky fluky pdf print problem.  The length of the
   line in the pad statements were only 8 100ths of a mil long instead of
   8 mils long.
   Old: Pad [-20650 0 -20642 0 11000 1200 1500 "" "1" "square"]
   New: Pad [-20650 0 -19850 0 11000 1200 12200 "" "1" "square"]
   Can the PCB gurus add a stupid-button feature to pick up stupid errors
   from stupid operators?

   On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 2:10 PM, DJ Delorie <[1]dj@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

   > What DJ suggested was that you edit your footprint file directly I
   > believe. I don't know why you need to rename the file (other than for
   > backup)

     No, no, no... rename the string in the *.pcb where the footprint
     the file it *thinks* it came from.  Then, when you re-import, it
     a footprint name mis-match and loads the "right" footprint (which
     still has the original name).
     (ok, someone add a feature request for "ability to tag footprints
     re-import" - it just needs to tweak the footprint name string)

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